All that glitters is not gold
Simon Bilodeau’ window installation titled At the End of the Rainbow
Text by Mike Patten

The song Over the Rainbow (1939), from the movie Wizard of Oz, was considered an anthem for hope after the great depression but in recent years an increasing number of people have lived beyond their means and lost faith in this American Dream. From housing boom to subprime bust, the whirlwind of the current global financial crisis has reminded us of the shaky ground our financial institutions are built upon.

These events relate well to Simon Bilodeau’s installation in the gallery window. Surrounded by white plaster diamonds and debris, his work features a broken rainbow, left in ruins, like a fallen city or empire, devoid of color. The interior however shines brightly with mirrored glass, which may signify that happiness comes from within and not from some faraway place. This could also be seen as an ornament to celebrate the true spirit of the holiday season.